What is a Low dose CT Lung scan?

Advanced Medical Imaging offers this advanced CT scan to detect early lung cancers. Not all lung cancers will be detected with low dose CT screening and a negative scan today does not mean that a cancer will not develop in the future. CT lung cancer screening is not a substitute for smoking cessation.

What are the Benefits of a Lung Scan?

Low dose CT scanning of the lungs can greatly improve the detection of small and potentially curable early stage lung cancers according to the ELCAP Study (Early Lung Cancer Action Project) by lead investigator Dr Claudia Henschke.

Low-dose computerized tomography or CT lung scan is able to detect earlier stages of lung cancer than a standard chest X-ray, significantly cutting deaths from the disease, the National Cancer Institute announced on 11/2010. The NCI’s study enrolled 53,000 current and past smokers who were screened annually for three years by either CT scan or conventional chest X-rays and found those who were screened CT were 20 percent less likely to die from lung cancer.

Should I Have a CT Lung Scan?

The CT lung scan is not for everyone. It is best for patients who are over 50 and with a significant smoking history.

Is CT Lung scan Safe?

Yes. Radiation exposure is minimal. No needles, injections, or sedations are used.

How Do I Receive the Results of My CT Lung Scan Examination?

After test completion, a Board Certified Radiologist will review your images. A typed report containing findings and recommendations will be sent to you within 24 hours and to the physician of your choice, if you so choose. We encourage you to review the results of the exam with your primary care physician.

Is the CT Lung Scan Examination Covered by Insurance?

No. This exam currently cost $295. Many of our patients utilize their health care flexible medical spending accounts or medical savings plans to cover this exam. Any additional tests needed may be covered by your insurance.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Referral for the CT Lung Scan?

Yes. We encourage you to discuss this test with your primary care provider.

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