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Welcome to the Vein clinic of Northwest CT. Dr Daniel Kase, our board certified radiologist, is proud to offer you a comprehensive solution to your vein issues. You can feel confident that he will use the most advanced technology available in a comfortable and caring environment. Feel free to browse through our site and see for yourself what hundreds of his satisfied patients are saying.

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What is vein disease?
“Varicose veins and spider veins = vein disease”
In the leg, blood normally flows upward; against gravity, with valves inside the veins usually insuring flow is up the leg and not backwards. Over time, these valves can fail to close tightly allowing blood to leak backwards and pool in the leg. This may eventually result in bulging varicose veins causing symptoms such as leg swelling, heaviness, chronic fatigue, aching, and burning which intensifies after long periods of standing. More rarely, the condition can lead to skin discoloration and skin ulcers most often at the calf and ankle levels.

How is venous insufficiency diagnosed? Am I a candidate?
The first step to treatment is to have an ultrasound evaluation and physical exam of the veins to determine if the veins are leaking and whether or not any of our treatment options can help. Dr. Kase, our Interventional Radiologist, along with our ultrasound staff, will perform your ultrasound and fully evaluate your legs to determine whether you would benefit from any of the procedures we offer.

What are some treatment options you offer?
Microphlebectomy is a method of removing unsightly thick and tortuous varicose veins on the surface of the legs. Procedure is done under local anesthesia and involves making tiny incisions on the skin. Dr Kase then gently removes the vein with special instruments. The incisions are so small no stitches are required. After treatment, we ask that you return to the clinic for dressing removal and placement into a compression stocking. Some light activity can be resumed.

Sclerotherapy involves a series of injections using a tiny needle to administer small amounts of a solution, called the sclerosant, to treat those unsightly spider veins. This solution irritates the inner lining of the spider veins causing it to collapse and ultimately disappear. Sclerotherapy is performed as an in-office procedure and should cause only minimal discomfort. Following treatment, you can return to your normal daily activities. Elastic bandages or support stockings may need to be worn during the daytime for a few days, which will aid in the closure of your veins.

Endovenous Laser Therapy ( EVLT) procedure uses a medically approved laser to treat vein disease in the saphenous vein of the leg. It is done in the Vein Center in less than an hour. Under local anesthesia, a small catheter (a long, thin tube) is inserted into the vein. The vein is anesthetized and energy is delivered to the vein wall causing it to shrink, collapse, and reabsorb into the body. Healthy veins then take control and redirect blood flow back toward the heart. Walking is recommended directly after the procedure, and the patient is back to normal activity within 24 hours.


Patient Testimonials

"I now feel great and look good. Dr Kase is a fantastic doctor. I had my EVLT procedure without regrets. No scar, no incision, and no downtime."

- Sarah from Torrington, CT

"The results of the EVLT procedure really exceeded my expectations. I am a mechanic, and now I can stand all day."

- Andy from Litchfield,CT

"Dr Kase’s EVLT procedure has given me the ability to be more active without worrying about the pain that I’m going to be in later in the day, and also I feel more happy and proud to show my legs."

- Susan from Winstead, CT

"Since the EVLT procedure, I really have not had any pain. My legs look great and I think I thank Dr Kase for that."

- George from Bristol,CT

"Dr Kase took away my varicose and spider veins. I have no limit on how much I can hike now. I just get up and do what I want to do every day. Thanks."

- Karen from Sharon,CT

"I’m very satisfied with the results. The varicose veins on the top of my leg is entirely gone. There’s no scarring, there’s no pain. A lot of the swelling I had a result of the varicosity in my feet has gone away and there is a noticeable difference now as compared to before. Thank you Dr Kase."

- Sandy from Avon,CT

"Not an uncomfortable procedure at all. I had the EVLT first and then sessions of sclerotherapy. It went very smoothly and seems totally worth it."

- Alexis from Simsbury,CT

"I was so worried about not being able to work the day after. Dr Kase is a very caring physician. All my concerns were addressed. There was a minimal amount of time lost from work. In fact, I got to work the next day."

- Brenda from Torrington,CT

"You are awake and could speak with Dr Kase while it’s being done and not feel anything. I will tell all my friends about this."

- Sandra from Harwinton,CT

"I could play golf and wear shorts if I wanted to. I am no longer afraid to show my legs."

- Andrea from Canton,CT